Dear Guest;

Thank you for choosing our hotel during this period when the whole world and our country are having a hard time with the COVID-19 epidemic.

We have arranged our services according to this “New Normal” in line with the regulations and recommendations of the World Health Organization, the European Center for Infectious Disease Control (ECDC) and the Ministry of Health, so that you can spend your holiday in health and safety in our hotel.

We safely manage the risks you may encounter during our service. We measured your body temperature at the entrance to the hotel. If your body temperature is 38 C and above, we will take care to protect your health by referring you to our hotel doctor or health institution.

The social distance rule will apply in the areas of our hotel where there may be waiting (such as reception, restaurant, bar, elevators), please comply.

We cleaned and disinfected your room specially for you. After disinfection, you opened it first and used it. Our housekeeper will clean your room with protective equipment (disposable gloves, mask, cap and shoe covers). We have planned to offer amenities such as disposable soap and shampoo to protect your health.

Our meals will be given to you by our kitchen team in small portions in our main restaurant in the form of open buffet. As the table ranges have been extended, our capacity has decreased. For this reason, you can taste your meals in health and safety between the hours notified to you during check-in. Have fun right now.

At our hotel, you will find hand disinfectants at the entrance, lobby, restaurant entrances, poolside, beach entrance, floor or block heads and many other areas. You can always get masks and gloves from the reception.

Our hotel’s game room and playground will be closed for your safety.

When using our activities such as sauna and Turkish bath, please wear a mask, follow the social distance rules and instructions for use.

Due to the social distance rule in the amphitheater, the seating capacity has decreased. Please make a reservation and join the animation as there will be at least 2 seats between guests.

It is purely for the protection of your health that we offer you disposable cups, cutlery. We want you to know that we clean and disinfect our equipment that we offer as Porcelain after each use.

We constantly clean and disinfect the common areas of our guests (such as your sun loungers, elevator buttons, WCs, changing rooms). You can use it with confidence.

We choose the food and beverages we will offer you from registered vendors and well-known brands that produce healthy food, and disinfect their packaging when we take them to the hotel and take them to our kitchens. Our food and water safety risk management system is constantly audited by official institutions and independent external audit firms without notice. You can safely consume our food and drinks.

If you feel the symptoms of Covid-19 (high fever and difficulty in breathing) during your stay, please call the reception and inform us. We can provide you with immediate referral to our hotel doctor or health institution. As a result of the examination, we ask you to comply with the rules that you are asked to pay attention to.

Please; If you are wondering about other issues that you have in mind or about other measures we have taken, do not hesitate to contact the Reception. We would be very happy to share it with you.

Again, “Welcome to our hotel, we wish you a healthy holiday.

General manager

Servet SOYLU