Located in the Selçuk district of İzmir, our hotel offers a holiday opportunity to its guests in Selçuk, which is known for its idyllic nature and historical riches. Target Beyt Hotel; It is 8 km from the center of Selçuk, 200 meters from the Pamucak beach, which has the longest beach in our country, and 70 km from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

Selcuk; The most important settlement of the ancient age, it is one of the largest open-air museums in the world. The host of the world-renowned Ephesus Ancient City, is the meeting point of religions and civilizations. In addition to the cultural and historical values ​​it has on its 8,000-year-old lands, it is an important tourism center, as well as the address of a magical environment with Şirince Village and cute houses.

When you explore the streets of Selçuk, the ancient structures that have survived the ages take you on a historical journey. From the ancient city of Ephesus, which has a distinguished place around the world, to the House of Virgin Mary, St. John’s Church, Byzantine Aqueducts, Selçuk Castle, and mosques from the Ottoman period to the present day, while guiding your historical journey, the taste of holiday is different in every season with the alternative tourism option and the blue flag beaches of the Pamucak Coast. at

Pamucak beach; It is 9 km north of Selçuk and 6 km north of the ancient city of Ephesus, extending for an approximate length of 12 km. The width of the sandy beach is about 80 meters. Towards the middle of the coast, the Küçük Menderes river meets the sea. The Blue Flag Pamucak coast is the natural habitat of sand lilies. Pamucak, which is 12 km long, after which the Ephesus coast was named, is the longest beach in Turkey. The beach is sandy, sunny and the water is clean.

Our Distance to the Ancient City of Ephesus

Ephesus (Greek: Ἔφεσος Ephesos) was an ancient Greek city, later an important Roman city, located on the western coast of Anatolia, within the borders of the Selçuk district of today’s Izmir province. It was one of the twelve cities of Ionia during the classical Greek period. Its foundation dates back to the Neolithic Age 6000 BC. Ephesus, which was included in the World Heritage Tentative List by UNESCO in 1994, was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2015. Since Ephesus has been relocated many times throughout its history, its ruins are spread over a wide area of about 8 kilometers. The ruins in four main regions as Ayasuluk Hill, Artemision, Ephesus and Selçuk are visited by an average of 1.5 million tourists a year.

Our Distance to Sirince Village

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Our Distance to the House of Virgin Mary

The House of Virgin Mary is located in Bülbüldağı in Selçuk, İzmir, where Mary, the mother of Jesus, spent her last years in St. The church believed to have been spent with Jean (John). It is a place of pilgrimage for Christians. It is thought that Meryem’s grave is also in Bülbüldağı. There is a small Byzantine Church in the ruins of the Virgin Mary, which can be reached by passing the upper gate of the ancient city of Ephesus. It is believed that Mary, the mother of Jesus, lived and died here. It is considered sacred and visited by Muslims as well as Christians, healing is sought for the sick, and offerings are made. The Church’s taking the name of the Virgin Mary may also be related to the decision of the Ecumenical Assembly convened in Ephesus in 431 that Mary gave birth to Jesus as the son of God.

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Distance to Dilek Peninsula National Park

Dilek Peninsula, with its full name Dilek Peninsula – Büyük Menderes Delta National Park, is a peninsula with an approximate length of 20 km and an average width of 6 km, located at the last point where Dilek Mountain extends into the Aegean Sea within the provincial borders of Aydın. The National Park has an area of ​​27,675 hectares. 10,985 hectares of this area belong to Dilek Peninsula, which was declared a National Park on 19.05.1966, and 16,690 hectares to Büyük Menderes Delta, which was declared a National Park in 1994. The National Park is a protected area under the International Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar), the Convention for the Conservation of European Wildlife and Habitats (Bern), the Convention on Biological Diversity (Rio) and the Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea against Pollution (Barcelona). Dilek Peninsula – Büyük Menderes Delta National Park is an Important Natural Area as it is an Important Bird Area, an Important Plant Area and an Important Mammal Area. Dilek Peninsula is home to 28 kinds of mammals, 42 kinds of reptiles and many sea creatures. In addition, the peninsula is the last place where the endangered Anatolian leopard lives in the west. Apart from that, Wolf, Fox, Jackal, Hyena, Lynx, Wildcat, Badger, Marten, Hedgehog, Hedgehog, Wild Boar, Lizard, Tortoise, Rock Eagle, Sea Eagle, Falcon, Falcon, Seagull, Blackbird, Partridge, Rock Pigeon, Wood pigeon, wild cow, wild horse, rabbit, otter, Mediterranean monk seal, woodcock, kestrel, mallard duck, Caspian tern, wild and abandoned cattle and horses can be counted among the animals living in the peninsula.

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Our Distance to Davutlar District

Davutlar is a neighborhood of Aydın’s Kuşadası district. Kusadasi, which draws attention with its historical and natural beauties, is the center of attention for holidaymakers. From the moment you enter Kusadasi, you may encounter a lively center. Tanneries, Kaleici Mosque, Gazibegendi Hill, which is a small islet in the region, Öküz Mehmet Paşa Caravanserai, Güvercinada and the marina Kuşadası are among the places to visit. You can also go on excursions to the House of Virgin Mary, Ephesus Ancient City and Şirince Village. You can have a holiday in the tourism resorts of the region called Davutlar and Güzelçamlı and swim in the wide beaches.

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Our Distance to the Temple of Artemis

The Temple of Artemis is also known as the Temple of Diana. The temple dedicated to the Goddess Artemis was completed in Ephesus around 550 BC. The temple was built entirely of marble. Today, only a few pieces of marble remain from the temple, which is considered one of the seven wonders of the world.

The Temple of Artemis, located in the ancient city of Ephesus, is a temple consisting of two phases. Even though the temple is not standing now, we have a lot of information about the temple through ancient sources. The temple, which is in the Dipteros arrangement, has a gazebo application just like Samos, Thermos and Lefkandi. There is a cult statue in this part called “arbor”.

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Our Distance to Selcuk Ephesus Airport

Selçuk-Efes Airport is the airport located in Selçuk, İzmir, whose management and control belongs to the Turkish Aeronautical Association. The airport, located 85 km south of Izmir city center, next to the famous Ephesus Ancient City, was opened in 1993.

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